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About Us
DiDi Waterproofing started in 2012 as a humble waterproofing company giving customers peace of mind with a 5 year guarantee.
We saw the need for real qualified craftsmanship in the industry and realized that there is a much more needed assurance to the home owner’s investment.

Cape Town clientele needed a proper waterproofing company that provided a guarantee on their workmanship and material, thus leading waterproofing suppliers have teamed up with DiDi Waterproofing to deliver their products at an affordable price and guarantee.
From humble beginnings with one vehicle and small team we have managed to grow exponentially into a successful team that consists of five vehicles and a team that strives to provide the best waterproofing service in Cape Town.

To date we are the preferred service provider for residential, commercial and industrial properties to most major corporations in Cape Town for waterproofing services.
From the moment of contact with the client, DiDi Waterproofing will set up a meeting on site and will endeavour to deliver the best service to all of our clientele.



We are proud to announce that we are a BBBEE Level 4 compliant company. We are TAX cleared, as well as Workman’s Compensation cleared, and all contractors are risk insured and third party claim insured.







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